Every OUTDOOR-FITNESS, Inc. product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on plastic, rubber or composite parts, seats and fittings, bearings, clamps.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on main frame steel posts, welds, bars, steel structural equipment. The amount credited in years 3 and 4 is pro-rated based on the age of equipment.

OUTDOOR-FITNESS, Inc. does not warranty for normal levels of rust. The possibility of rust is a normal occurrence in steel, and requires attention and treatment if rust is noticed or observed on the equipment. Please see our Equipment Maintenance Guide. The powder coating process that is used to cover the steel is a high quality pure polyester powder and uses electro-static application. It is also the same anti-rust technique used in watercrafts/boating and universally applied in the outdoor painting process. Paint touch up kits are available for maintenance free of charge and by request. Clean any rust spots and apply touch-up paint promptly if rust is noticed. For additional details on maintenance, please refer to our Equipment Maintenance Guide.  For optimal results, maintain the paint surface much like an automobile, vehicle or boat paint surface. An initial supply of touch-up paint is supplied with each shipment.

Misuse, neglect or alteration of product is not covered under the warranty.